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Definition of jabble

What is the definition of "jabble"?
  • jabble
  • 1. To jabber; gabble.
    2. To splash, as water; cause to splash, as a liquid.

  • jabblenoun
  • 1. A slight agitation on the surface of a liquid; small irregular waves running in all directions.

Use "jabble" in a sentence
  • "There is a perpetual "jabble" against the cliffs on this coast -- and we have seldom met with a soul save an aged and solitary fisherwoman -- a study for a Bonington -- pursuing her precarious calling of crab or shrimp fishing, or of pulling lobsters from their retreats in the savage cliffs."

    "When two tides meet there is ever a cruel commotion, and ships are apt to be dashed on the rocks, and Carmichael's mind was in a "jabble" that day."

    "When we made the passage (bound, although yet we knew it not, for Silverado) the steamer jumped, and the black buoys were dancing in the jabble; the ocean breeze blew killing chill; and, although the upper sky was still unflecked with vapour, the sea fogs were pouring in from seaward, over the hilltops of Marin county, in one great, shapeless, silver cloud."

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