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Definition of jabberwocky

What is the definition of "jabberwocky"?
  • jabberwockynoun
  • 1. Nonsensical speech or writing.

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  • "Nowadays the word jabberwocky is used to mean nonsensical language in general. †"V Venkata Rao, Ahmedabad"

    "But those winds were futile as a device for prying away such an inspissated couple for once they were together this man and woman babbled to each other a mutually pleasurable one word jabberwocky despite the fiercely driven rains, hail, and the flash flood at their feet."

    "Saatchi, of course, had a merry group of fawning lackeys to give him confidence, to spout on his behalf the jargon and jabberwocky of the contemporary curator."

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