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Definition of jabbering

What is the definition of "jabbering"?
  • jabberingverb
  • 1. Present participle of jabber.

  • jabberingnoun
  • 1. Speech that jabbers; gibberish.

Use "jabbering" in a sentence
  • "The Monkey-man bored me, however; he assumed, on the strength of his five digits, that he was my equal, and was for ever jabbering at me, —jabbering the most arrant nonsense."

    "Second, all of this "patriotic" jabbering from the likes of Cheney and Frist is so much bullshit."

    "All of the continuous jabbering from the talking heads and other debates over their decisions is just a passing fog."

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  • Spanish: jabbering
  • German: jabbering
  • French: jabbering
  • Mandarin: jabbering
  • Japanese: jabbering

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