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Definition of jabberers

What is the definition of "jabberers"?
  • jabberersnoun
  • 1. Plural form of jabberer.

Use "jabberers" in a sentence
  • ""jabberers," are epithets of contempt and abomination."

    "Before the jabberers on the right (What about the huge debt, the broken tax pledge, the paucity of overseas accomplishments?), the yammerers on the left (Guantánamo hasn't been closed, gays aren't serving openly in the military, and too many policies cater to business interests) and the chides in the media (POTUS and party poll numbers are down, and Washington is more partisan than ever), look at the two key metrics that underscore Obama's accomplishments."

    ""Those crazy jabberers would dispute the identity of their own mates," exclaimed Ham, as he pulled on his trousers and got into his high boots."

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