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Definition of jabberer

What is the definition of "jabberer"?
  • jab•ber•ernoun
  • 1. One who jabbers.

Use "jabberer" in a sentence
  • "He was also a relentless jabberer; he did not shut up from the moment we were introduced."

    "Now that reality has intruded, with a swift military victory and a warm welcome from Iraqi civilians, one wonders: Will TV jabberer Chris Matthews admit his foolishness in writing, “This invasion of Iraq, if it goes off, will join the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Desert One, Beirut and Somalia in the history of military catastrophe”?"

    "Even Merriman, 'the greatest jabberer of the crowd', grew pumpkins by proxy with coloured workers, 'save when he can get white aristocratic convicts to slave for less pay'. 38"

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