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Definition of jab

What is the definition of "jab"?
  • jabverb-transitive
  • 1. To poke or thrust abruptly: jabbed a knife into the log.
    2. To stab or pierce: jabbed the steak with a fork.
    3. To punch (someone) with short blows.

  • jabverb-intransitive
  • 1. To make an abrupt poking or thrusting motion: jabbed at the pickles with his fork.
    2. To deliver a quick punch.

Use "jab" in a sentence
  • "McMaster's jab is notable because the rest of the Republican candidates for governor – not wanting to be weighed down by the Sanford saga - have so far tread lightly when handling questions about the governor."

    "Besides the mandatory record label jab, all of Black Thought's punches are directed at himself, being a better man, seeking a stronger deity."

    "I am disappointed to see that negativity upheld by Non Sequitur, but I have to admit that jab is well deserved by the slobs who use the anonymity and remoteness of the field to conduct themselves poorly."

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