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Definition of intonating

What is the definition of "intonating"?
  • intonatingverb
  • 1. Present participle of intonate.

Use "intonating" in a sentence
  • "The discussion ended with two Noisy Idiots intonating that filosofia is uptight, that the BBC probably have documentary about such people, and the other concluding the thread with the phrase ‘laughing my ass off.’"

    "Or an in-house promo featuring Sean Hannity shilling for Giuliani, praising him for his reticence in refusing to discuss the particulars of his faith (as if a thrice-married Catholic would ever be avid to discuss the fine points of doctrine), or Rush Limbaugh, intonating like the great oracle Oz. At 'FAN, we were spared such helpings of boiled ego; at WABC, it's an hourly infliction."

    "I'd be interested in how the voting went by the hour intonating age voting patterns."

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  • Spanish: intonating
  • German: intonating
  • French: intonating
  • Mandarin: intonating
  • Japanese: intonating

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