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Definition of interpolation

What is the definition of "interpolation"?
  • in•ter•po•la•tionnoun
  • 1. An abrupt change in elements, with continuation of the first idea.
    2. the process of estimating the value of a function at a point from its values at nearby points.
    3. The process of including and processing externally-fetched data in a document or program; see interpolate.
    4. That which is introduced or inserted, especially something foreign or spurious.

Use "interpolation" in a sentence
  • "This interpolation is considerably longerone hundred and seven words."

    "[It does this in two senses of the word interpolation: it adds false conception-making on top of the basis and adds there as well what this false conception-making interpolates."

    "_Crosstree_; let something catching be substituted for most of the music of the First Act, -- specially omitting the "Why, certainly!" interpolation, which is a feeble but evident imitation of Mr. W.S. GILBERT's classic "What, never?""

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