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Definition of immunosuppressive

What is the definition of "immunosuppressive"?
  • immunosuppressiveadjective
  • 1. Having the capability to suppress the immune system, capable of immunosuppression.

  • immunosuppressivenoun
  • 1. An agent which is capable of immunosuppression.

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  • "For example, failure to appreciate that elevation of ACE level is genetically determined in an affected individual may lead to false diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis and consequently to unnecessary long-term immunosuppressive treatment The study was approved by the Institutional Review Boards of the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago."

    "The decision on transplantation was driven, in part, by realistic concern about the patient's inability to pay for long-term immunosuppressive therapy and to support himself during recovery."

    "Therefore, it also seeks to reduce the unacknowledged iatrogenesis that results from inappropriately over-utilized treatments such as immunosuppressive steroids, psychotropic drugs, antibiotics, and unnecessary surgeries."

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