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Definition of ice

What is the definition of "ice"?
  • icenoun
  • 1. Water frozen solid.
    2. A surface, layer, or mass of frozen water.
    3. Something resembling frozen water: ammonia ice.
    4. A frozen dessert consisting of water, sugar, and a liquid flavoring, often fruit juice.
    5. Cake frosting; icing.

Use "ice" in a sentence
  • "After much persuasion, I went on the ice myself; though not without considerable fear; yet such a favourite sport is this with the English, and so infatuated are some of these _ice players_, that nothing will deter them from venturing on those places which are marked as dangerous; and thus many perish, like moths that sacrifice themselves in the candle flame."

    "If a substantial layer of ice is expected to accumulate from the freezing rain, an _ice storm_ is forecast."

    "Neither do I think moraines of this kind would be formed by a glacier emerging from a steep narrow canyon and running out on a level plain; for in such cases, as soon as the confinement of the bounding walls is removed, the ice stream spreads out into an _ice lake_."

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