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Definition of ice cream

What is the definition of "ice cream"?
  • ice creamnoun
  • 1. A smooth, sweet, cold food prepared from a frozen mixture of milk products and flavorings, containing a minimum of 10 percent milk fat and eaten as a snack or dessert.

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  • "Viola had made her own wedding cake, an iced angel food in three graduated layers ornamented with rosebuds and garlands, and hand-churned the ice cream served out of bell-shaped molds."

    "Or perhaps it was because I recalled this man eating an ice cream on a cool morning, his lips sucking busily away like a spider draining a fly, watching me as I drove down Portland Street."

    "The favorite of the senior bakers was the hot-buttered bread, but the greatest fringe benefit for me was getting to eat the ice cream and homemade chocolates."

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