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Definition of ibility

What is the definition of "ibility"?
  • ibilitynoun
  • 1. The termination of abstract nouns formed in -ity from adjectives in -ible, as in credibility, legibility, etc., from credible, legible, etc. It is properly the double suffix -bility, with a preceding original or euphonic vowel i-. Compare -ability, and see -bility.

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  • "The Pakistan Taliban claimed respons ibility for an attack this month on Karachi's revered Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine, which killed eight people."

    "While, as Nancy says, suspense fiction doesn't require series-ibility, the crime-solving subgenre does seem to demand it."

    "There is the Matisse landscape, The Pink Wall, that was somehow obtained by Kurt Gerstein, an SS officer with specific resp­on­s­­ibility for delivering Zyklon B to the camps who eventually took his own life in July 1945."

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