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Definition of ial

What is the definition of "ial"?
  • ialnoun
  • 1. A form of -al, being -al preceded by an original or euphonic vowel i-. See -al.

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  • "Mi ne scias; "ial" li foriros, sed "cxial" estus pli bone resti en Londono."

    "The letter, to Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and Bank of America, cited Bank of America's "failure to observe and perform, in mater ial respects" its duties as the servicer for the bond deals."

    "The Referees provided for in subsection A of this section [i.e., all the refs in the NFL], when exercising their Referee-ial authority, shall uphold and adhere to the rules of sport as provided in U.S. sporting tradition and rules promulgated pursuant thereto in making referee-ial decisions."

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