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Definition of humour

What is the definition of "humour"?
  • humournoun
  • 1. Chiefly British Variant of humor.

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  • "III. ii.439 (293,5) [to a living humour of madness] If this be the true reading we must by _living_ understand _lasting_, or _permanent_, but I cannot forbear to think that some antithesis was intended which is now lost; perhaps the passage stood thus, _I drove my suitor from a_ dying _humour of love to a living humour of madness_."

    "Or rather thus, _from a mad humour of love to a_ loving _humour of madness_, that is, from a _madness_ that was _love_, to a _love_ that was _madness_."

    "The butt of his humour is a group so ostentatiously righteous that few commentating on the Booker mentioned Jacobson's attack."

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