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Definition of hallo

What is the definition of "hallo"?
  • hallointerjection
  • 1. A variant of hello
    2. A cry of surprise.

  • hallonoun
  • 1. The cry "hallo!"
    2. A shout of exultation.

  • halloverb
  • 1. To shout, or to call with a loud voice.

Use "hallo" in a sentence
  • "The first tentative explanation of the origin of hallo connected the English word with French au loup, au loup, the cry heard in the chase for setting dogs on the wolf."

    "Language contacts played a noticeable role in the history of the European word hallo, but the direction of borrowing is not always clear."

    "The two highlights of the station for me (besides the absolutely crack-up train station attendant who complained that I was keeping him awake when I "hallo"ed to get him to come to the window) were the fabulous tall-backed benches with built-in reading lights running the length over your head (see a picture here), and a retro sign on the outside of the station that urged, "Travel by Train"."

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  • Spanish: hallo
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