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Definition of halfwits

What is the definition of "halfwits"?
  • halfwitsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of halfwit.

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  • "Now since all these pro-war folks were the ones to basically “Vote” for this Democratic war, and whom today rally from behind their desk or their computer screen, banging out hateful words and outright lies, those Bush ‘bring it on warriors’ and others like Limbaugh and his parrots, Coulters and her Ilk, O’reilly and his minions and Hannity and his halfwits should be the First to serve in Iraq."

    "The opposition says that would just see "halfwits" and "screwballs" attracted to parliament."

    "Big Brother, 2010From Craig in 2000 ( "a knee where his brain should be") to Stephen Baldwin in 2010 ( "looks and sounds like an escaped serial killer"), via Pete Burns ( "Janice from the Muppet Show"), Charlie recaps his own most withering assessments from a decade watching fame-hungry halfwits and eccentrics."

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  • Spanish: halfwits
  • German: halfwits
  • French: halfwits
  • Mandarin: halfwits
  • Japanese: halfwits

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