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Definition of habitant

What is the definition of "habitant"?
  • hab•it•antnoun
  • 1. An inhabitant.
    2. An inhabitant of French descent living in Canada, especially Quebec, or in Louisiana.

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  • "We know further that the habitant is the bulwark of our nationality because he has retained all the ancestral virtues, because the ill-wind of unrest, foreign penetration, modern luxury, bolshevist preachings pass over his head, because in his happy home rises a generation that will follow in his footsteps."

    "They are indeed isolated by position, as the habitant is isolated by intention; and in both cases it may be held that the isolation has had some good results."

    "The habitant is a Canadian as good as any of us; he is an asset to our country; Canada is his home; he is your friend."

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