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Definition of habitableness

What is the definition of "habitableness"?
  • habitablenessnoun
  • 1. The state of being habitable; capacity of being inhabited.

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  • "The properties possessed by earth are immobility, weight, hardness, productiveness, scent, density, capacity to absorb scents of all kinds, cohesion, habitableness (in respect of vegetables and animals), and that attribute of the mind which is called patience of the capacity to bear."

    "On one side I saw a mound of the same, making a couch, across which a great cloak was spread; while beyond, the half-defined forms of a rude seat and table appeared, lending an air of habitableness to the spot, which, from the exterior, I had hardly expected to find."

    "Both the public rooms are in a state of perfect habitableness again;"

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