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Definition of habilitation

What is the definition of "habilitation"?
  • ha•bil•i•ta•tionnoun
  • 1. Equipment; qualification.

Use "habilitation" in a sentence
  • "The habilitation is a permission to lecture independently."

    "At the end of May 1938, right after the Anschluss, Maier became a member of National Socialists (NSDAP) and on December 1 of the same year was promoted to Primararzt. 107 In 1941, Fonovits-Smereker and Maier were married. 108 In 1943, her habilitation was accepted at the medical faculty of the University of Vienna and she retained the position of the director until the end of her life in 1954."

    "But I would have liked to have seen "habilitation" kept in there."

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