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Definition of habilitated

What is the definition of "habilitated"?
  • habilitatedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of habilitate.

Use "habilitated" in a sentence
  • "Cholesterol, Windaus "habilitated" as lecturer in 1903."

    "Initially, the University had thrown its full support behind the KWImF, awarded honorary professorships to each of the directors, provided the KWImF with students, awarded Ph.D. s and habilitated its scientific assistants."

    "Because Brentano had not been habilitated to supervise dissertations, he recommended that Stumpf study with Hermann Lotze in G.ttingen; Stumpf attended Lotze's lectures on psychology, history of philosophy since Kant, philosophy of nature, and practical philosophy; he also took courses from the physiologist G. Meissner and the physician W. W.ber."

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How to Say "habilitated" in:
  • Spanish: habilitated
  • German: habilitated
  • French: habilitated
  • Mandarin: habilitated
  • Japanese: habilitated

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