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Definition of habiliment

What is the definition of "habiliment"?
  • ha•bil•i•mentnoun
  • 1. The special dress or garb associated with an occasion or office. Often used in the plural: "shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave” ( Edgar Allan Poe).
    2. Clothes.
    3. Characteristic furnishings or equipment; trappings: surrounded by the habiliments of the television news industry.

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  • "She even wished to refuse him: – but Beech Park, the equipage, the servants, the bridal habiliment."

    "In the United Kingdom, as in other modern liberal democracies, there are few, if any, estrictions upon one's choice of habiliment."

    "Britannia, or her genius in the usual habiliment, a scroll — she appeared seated and behind her a figure of Hercules, emblematic of the great work so completely and speedily performed: above Fame appeared with a medallion of his Lordship and in the background a perspective view of"

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