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Definition of habia

What is the definition of "habia"?
  • habianoun
  • 1. In ornithology: A genus of tanagrine birds: same as Saltator.
    2. A genus of fringilline birds. Habia ludoviciana is the rose-breasted grosbeak. Reichenbach, 1850. Also called Zamelodia.
    3. [lowercase] A bird of the genus Saltator, a group of South American tanagrine birds of partly greenish colors, with large beak, short rounded wings, and longer rounded tail.

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  • "Honduras nunca habia estado tan mal hasta que Mel Zelaya tomo posicion como presidente."

    "Fue increible excepto que, en mi opinion, habia un problema menor – Se lo dieron un escenario secundario a las 13: 00!!"

    "Mr Suárez said that he replied to Mr Evra's question "Why did you kick me?" by saying "que habia sido una falta normal", meaning "it was just a normal foul"."

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