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Definition of haberdashery

What is the definition of "haberdashery"?
  • hab•er•dash•er•ynoun
  • 1. A haberdasher's shop.
    2. The goods and wares sold by a haberdasher.

Use "haberdashery" in a sentence
  • "I run against Silver himself, all encompassed up in a spacious kind of haberdashery, leaning against a hotel and rubbing the half-moons on his nails with a silk handkerchief."

    "She had likewise an assortment of all kind of haberdashery wares; as hats, red caps, knit of"

    "We were four at setting out from Paddington: but one of the servants was dispatched to prepossess an old servant of Sir Hargrave’s mother, at Colne-brook, who keeps there a kind of haberdashery shop; and where he proposed to get some refreshment for the lady, if he could make her take any."

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  • Spanish: haberdashery
  • German: haberdashery
  • French: haberdashery
  • Mandarin: haberdashery
  • Japanese: haberdashery

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