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Definition of haberdashers

What is the definition of "haberdashers"?
  • haberdashersnoun
  • 1. Plural form of haberdasher.

Use "haberdashers" in a sentence
  • "Washington haberdashers counsel politicians to wear dress shirts, which have smaller armholes, instead of shirts made for casual wear, which can look baggy."

    "The visitor half expects the answer no – how many haberdashers, after all, does the City of London's Worshipful Company of Haberdashers contain?"

    "Though the government sought to make a political issue out of zoot suits—the War Production Board would eventually ban tailors and haberdashers from selling the style—Ms. Peiss says that those who wore them were not, by and large, trying to make a statement with their clothes."

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  • Spanish: haberdashers
  • German: haberdashers
  • French: haberdashers
  • Mandarin: haberdashers
  • Japanese: haberdashers

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