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Definition of haberdasher

What is the definition of "haberdasher"?
  • hab•er•dash•ernoun
  • 1. A dealer in men's furnishings.
    2. Chiefly British A dealer in sewing notions and small wares.

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  • "From the Trinity House record it appears that Prickett was "a land man put in by the Adventurers"; and in the court records he is described, most incongruously, as a "haberdasher" -- facts which place him, as his own very remarkable narrative places him, on a level much above that of the ordinary seamen of Hudson's time."

    "But, in the times we write of, the hosiers, the glovers, the hatters, the mercers, the milliners, and all who dealt in the miscellaneous wares now termed haberdasher's goods, were to be found in this narrow alley."

    "If I were a Democrat, I'd salute Harry S. Truman, the Missouri haberdasher who … whoa, "haberdasher"!"

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