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Definition of habanera

What is the definition of "habanera"?
  • habaneranoun
  • 1. A slow Cuban dance.
    2. The music for this dance, in duple time.

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  • "Featuring classical music, Cuban habanera dance music, pop, jazz and tango."

    "Scott Joplin and W.C. Handy, among other composers of early jazz, worked with a new sort of syncopation that drew, somewhat, on the rhythm of the habanera, a Cuban dance music that became fashionable enough in 19th-century Europe that it provided the lilting bass line for the famous aria in Bizet 's Carmen."

    "The most fertile Cuban musical form turned out to be the habanera, a lilting dance form that evolved out of the old French Contre-danse in the years following the Haitian revolution."

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