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Definition of gyratory

What is the definition of "gyratory"?
  • gy•ra•to•ryadjective
  • 1. Having a circular or spiral motion.

Use "gyratory" in a sentence
  • "In special alloy, which requires toughness and wear-resistance for applications such as gyratory crushers, jaw crusher plates, rail steel and cutting edges for earth-moving equipment, nickel is being replaced in part or entirely by Manganese."

    "Ben QuinnLewisham, a suburb of south-east London blighted by serious deprivation and unsympathetic post-war planning which turned much of its centre into a one-way gyratory, experienced a few hours of trouble on Monday although it was quiet after several hours."

    "The Christmas variety show was amuch-anticipated event on the school calendar, a chance for the students to showcase their talents with comic turns, singing, banjo-playing and a greatnumber of disco-dancing routines, disconcertingly gyratory displays performed in skin-tight ensembles to the hits of the day: London Boys, Black Box, Big Fun."

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  • Spanish: gyratory
  • German: gyratory
  • French: gyratory
  • Mandarin: gyratory
  • Japanese: gyratory

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