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Definition of gengineering

What is the definition of "gengineering"?
  • gengineeringnoun
  • 1. genetic engineering

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  • "Genetic engineering, which Paul McAuley calls "gengineering" (a contraction I have long thought inevitable), scares people."

    "Those concerned about rationality fear that fear of gengineering could make us respond to a new but natural disease (think of the 1918 flu, or Mad Cow Disease, or AIDS, or Ebola) with a leap to the conclusion that someone is to blame, followed by immediate over-reaction and the destruction of nations (think of what we have done to Iraq out of fear of more conventional weapons of mass destruction)."

    "More noise is made by activists who fear that gengineering will get out of control and unleash plagues of superweeds, will poison people with unsuspected "unnatural" toxins, or will give megacorporations patent control over the living world and destroy the world's poor (see Jerry Cayford, "Breeding Sanity into the GM Food Debate," _Issues in Science and Technology_, Winter 2004)."

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