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Definition of gable-ended

What is the definition of "gable-ended"?
  • gable-ended
  • 1. Having gable-ends.

Use "gable-ended" in a sentence
  • "A shed-roofed porch spans the gable-ended entry facade."

    "The area on which it is possible to build is so circumcised and steep, and the unpainted gable-ended houses are so perched here and there, and the water rushes so impetuously among them, that it reminded me slightly of a Swiss town."

    "A very kind, sweet-voiced, smiling nun (I wonder, do they always choose the most agreeable and best-humored sister of the house to show it to strangers?) came tripping down the steps and across the flags of the little garden-court, and welcomed us with much courtesy into the neat little old-fashioned, red-bricked, gable-ended, shining-windowed Convent of the Angels."

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