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Definition of gaberdine

What is the definition of "gaberdine"?
  • gab•er•dinenoun
  • 1. A long, coarse cloak or frock worn especially by Jews during the Middle Ages. Also called gabardine.
    2. Chiefly British A loose smock worn by laborers.
    3. See gabardine.

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  • "[82] A gaberdine is a shaggy cloak of coarse but warm materials."

    "Only yesterday my year 7s were falling about watching two of their number lying on the floor in front of the whiteboard, fooling about under a "gaberdine"."

    "I didn't grow much until I was about fourteen by which time it was still functioning as a mini gaberdine raincoat as per the fashion and with the belt buckled around the back as you did."

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