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Definition of gabby

What is the definition of "gabby"?
  • gabbyadjective
  • 1. Slang Tending to talk excessively; garrulous.

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  • "Often, it makes subjects "gabby" without revealing any important information."

    "So Derek Jeter has apparently run afoul of another one of his gabby Yankee bosses, Hank Steinbrenner—not for an incendiary comment or an off-field indiscretion never that!"

    "For instance, my high-school self — skinny, scabby, giggly, gabby, frantic to be noticed, tormented enough to be a tormentor, relentlessly pushing his cartoons and posters and noisy jokes and pseudo-sophisticated poems upon the helpless-high school — strikes me now as considerably obnoxious, though I owe him a lot: without his frantic ambition and insecurity I would not now be sitting on (as my present home was named by others) Haven Hill."

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