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Definition of gabbler

What is the definition of "gabbler"?
  • gab•blernoun
  • 1. One who gabbles, or prates loquaciously on a trifling subject.

Use "gabbler" in a sentence
  • "Amos Waughops was no match for the boy with his nimble legs, and, flushed and beaten, the gabbler hobbled back to his desk."

    "_ Me -- a tee-talker, a green-gabbler, a prattler on the links, the lowest form of life known to science!"

    "Christendom ever arranged a dinner party of any pretensions without including at least one intensely disagreeable person -- a vain and vapid girl, a hideous woman, a follower of baseball, a stock-broker, a veteran of some war or other, a gabbler of politics."

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  • Spanish: gabbler
  • German: gabbler
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  • Mandarin: gabbler
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