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Definition of gabardine

What is the definition of "gabardine"?
  • gab•ar•dinenoun
  • 1. A sturdy, tightly woven fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon twill. Also called gaberdine.
    2. See gaberdine.
    3. Chiefly British A laborer's long loose smock; a gaberdine.

Use "gabardine" in a sentence
  • "It is true that we had a few yards of darkish "gabardine," or light windproof material, which would have been extremely suitable for this purpose, but every yard of it had long ago been destined for some other use, so that did not get us out of the difficulty."

    "We had overalls of two different materials: Burberry "gabardine" and the ordinary green kind that is used in Norway in the winter."

    "Fabrics made of yarns that aren't tightly twisted, such as gabardine, are particularly prone to shine."

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