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Definition of g-force

What is the definition of "g-force"?
  • g-forcenoun
  • 1. The acceleration of a body, relative to the freefall acceleration due to any local gravitational field, expressed in multiples of g0 (the mean acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface).

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  • "If that's not enough, Under Armour provided some of this year's prospects with a William Gibson-tastic shirt called the E39, which transmits real-time g-force and breathing and heart-rate numbers."

    "The plane started to lift, and the g-force pressed me back against the seat."

    "My favorite part of this car is actually the performance-data display on the center LCD screen, a series of 11 configurable panels with graphical readouts for throttle position, brake force, yaw rate, front/rear torque distribution, steering angle, lateral, longitudinal and total g-force, among others."

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