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Definition of fabulosity

What is the definition of "fabulosity"?
  • fab•u•los•i•tynoun
  • 1. The quality of being fabulous; fictitiousness; mythical character.
    2. A fabulous thing; a fable.

Use "fabulosity" in a sentence
  • "Yes, this is an excerpt from Be Amazing, but one can learn the art of fabulosity from the mistakes of others, as well as from their triumphs."

    "I'm in favor of you talking about your book, which I don't know about, rather than my fabulosity, which is of course well known to all."

    "In our intimate interview with Kimora she explains what "fabulosity" is, how to attain and maintain it; being addicted to Twitter, being labeled a diva, teaching her youngest child, Kenzo, how to be a man, and life with her husband, Academy-Award nominated actor Djimon Hounsou."

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