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Definition of fabrication

What is the definition of "fabrication"?
  • fab•ri•ca•tionnoun
  • 1. The act of fabricating, framing, or constructing; construction; manufacture
    2. That which is fabricated; a falsehood

Use "fabrication" in a sentence
  • "Another difference is that I don't see this, um, "talent" of Brown's to be a good thing, based as it is in fabrication and flattery."

    "If proven, McClanahan's fabrication is an insult to the real heroes in the Army today - brave warriors whose deeds go completely unnoticed by the American public."

    "“DRI DUCK works with conservation groups through a variety of alliances and as a result, our design fabrication is the most authentic representation and it serves as a voice for the endangered,” said Cathy Groves, Vice President Marketing for DRI DUCK."

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