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Definition of fabric

What is the definition of "fabric"?
  • fab•ricnoun
  • 1. A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers.
    2. The texture or quality of such cloth.
    3. A complex underlying structure: destroyed the very fabric of the ancient abbey during wartime bombing; needs to protect the fabric of civilized society.
    4. A method or style of construction.
    5. A structural material, such as masonry or timber.

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  • "This fabric is also a decorator weight fabric, used for various household things, so it is very sturdy and takes a lot of wear and tear and washings."

    "I also think the fabric is a perfect with the colors of the fresh blueberries and the blueberry ice cream."

    ""It's cramped, it's overused, the fabric is appalling, there's next to no storage facilities, and staff are working in unacceptable conditions.""

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