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Definition of fabliaux

What is the definition of "fabliaux"?
  • fabliauxnoun
  • 1. Plural form of fabliau.

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  • "News at Eleven: Many of Rumi's lyrical ghazals express an almost psychedelic perceptivity that makes his imagery so distinctive and attractive Light would soak the world entire/as once it did on Sinai's Mount/if I reveal the ecstasy/of my heart's fabliaux . . . from ghazal 2789."

    "My annotations avoid only one subject, parallels of European folklore and fabliaux which, however interesting, would overswell the bulk of a book whose speciality is anthropology."

    "Koraysh were in the habit of reciting certain Persian fabliaux and of extolling them as superior to the silly and equally fictitious stories of the “Glorious Koran.”"

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  • Spanish: fabliaux
  • German: fabliaux
  • French: fabliaux
  • Mandarin: fabliaux
  • Japanese: fabliaux

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