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Definition of fabled

What is the definition of "fabled"?
  • fabledadjective
  • 1. Made known or famous by fables; legendary.
    2. Existing only in fables; fictitious.

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  • "Miss Maszkeradi had sought precisely such a gruff, ancient tree-like male all her life, to whom she could have been as faithful as to this rooted, bark-bound, impassive trunk that had a face, as in fabled forests of old, hands in pockets, and a waist aslant, in a bored pose."

    "Could I call the fabled Hydra, I would have him live and perish, survive and die, until the sun itself would grow dim with age."

    "Umm al-Dunya, the mother of the world, Egyptians and other Arabs call the fabled city of Cairo."

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