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Definition of f-bomb

What is the definition of "f-bomb"?
  • f-bombnoun
  • 1. Euphemistic spelling of fuck.

Use "f-bomb" in a sentence
  • "Now, that said, when the time comes, I have a feeling that some kind of personal, emotional f-bomb will fall in conjunction with my hair i.e., looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a bald head reflecting back at me!"

    "Once you move past the point of telling children about breast cancer I happen to call it FBC, for "f-bomb breast cancer", it is important to tell them that you are always available to talk about it with them, anytime, anywhere."

    "Melissa Leo shows up on Ellen DeGeneres's show today and discusses her recent Oscar win as well as the f-bomb that accompanied it."

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  • Spanish: f-bomb
  • German: f-bomb
  • French: f-bomb
  • Mandarin: f-bomb
  • Japanese: f-bomb

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