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Definition of emotionalized

What is the definition of "emotionalized"?
  • emotionalizedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of emotionalize.

Use "emotionalized" in a sentence
  • "The interventionist pitches are emotionalized in an effort to sell themselves, and the market pitches aren't - in fact, they seem deliberately over-intellectual and confused."

    "The problem is that it is difficult to get people to react unless they are hyper-emotionalized."

    "In an effort to stop worrying, do we just manufacture some sort of emotionalized faith, quote some Bible verses, and turn up the “praise” music on the radio?"

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  • Spanish: emotionalized
  • German: emotionalized
  • French: emotionalized
  • Mandarin: emotionalized
  • Japanese: emotionalized

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