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Definition of each

What is the definition of "each"?
  • eachadjective
  • 1. Being one of two or more considered individually; every: Each person cast a vote. My technique improved with each lesson.

  • eachpronoun
  • 1. Every one of a group considered individually; each one.

  • eachadverb
  • 1. For or to each one; apiece: ten cents each.

Use "each" in a sentence
  • "The first seven structure to be placed around each for the wellness and betterment of everyone. ..each person, each community, each nation."

    ""In whatever light we consider their invention, as parts of _one whole_, relative to each other, or independent _each of the rest_, and as single subjects, there can be scarcely named a beauty or a mystery, of which the Cartoons furnish not an instance or a clue; _they are poised between perspicuity and pregnancy of moment_.""

    "On the first day he opened, he said to the assembled school that he wanted each scholar to consider him as _a friend_; that he desired nothing but their good; and that it was for the interest of _each one_ of them that _all_ should be careful to observe the few and simple rules which he should lay down for the government of the school."

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