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Definition of e-mails

What is the definition of "e-mails"?
  • e-mailsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of e-mail.

Use "e-mails" in a sentence
  • "And yet I always atone for my errors, and there are certain fundamental social protocols I’ve come to hold dear: I don’t believe in texting while dining, sending one-word e-mails in lieu of formal thank-you cards, wearing shorts to the theater, or settling for any of the modern trends that favor comfort over politeness, ease over style."

    "Millage countered with a Web site of his own to show some of the thousands of angry e-mails he's gotten."

    "The rest of the time I'm like any other urban motherI get my daughter to school, clear off the kitchen table, make the beds, answer the e-mails, talk to my husband, walk the dogs, and try to work in-between!"

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