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Definition of e-mailed

What is the definition of "e-mailed"?
  • e-mailedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of e-mail.

Use "e-mailed" in a sentence
  • "He had spent more time than Sandy Stilwell thought necessary discussing and debating the provisions highlighted in the speech, which were emphasized again in a flurry of e-mailed summaries, talking points, and endorsements from various chambers of commerce, trade associations, small-business coalitions, taxpayer advocacy groups, economists, and a half dozen individuals with no public affiliations who shared a basic profile: heads of household, annual income between forty-five thousand and seventy-five thousand dollars."

    "His campaign had e-mailed a lengthy document to reporters, putting the incriminating items from his gubernatorial record in the context of larger policies intended to benefit a broader public interest."

    "I had e-mailed a Coalition adviser from the Hilla office and told him I wanted to visit the center."

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  • Spanish: e-mailed
  • German: e-mailed
  • French: e-mailed
  • Mandarin: e-mailed
  • Japanese: e-mailed

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