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Definition of disposer

What is the definition of "disposer"?
  • dis•pos•ernoun
  • 1. One who disposes.

Use "disposer" in a sentence
  • "Open gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets - dishwasher, garbage disposer, stove, refrigerator space. 110 and 220 electric outlets."

    "Sunroom for garden dining, barbecue & hood, marble sink with garbage disposer and custom talavera mural."

    "With some I can make free; to others I shall write; and if I live, and the disposer of my fortune and my perigrinations permitest, I will be on the Wye as sure as a gun."

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  • Spanish: disposer
  • German: disposer
  • French: disposer
  • Mandarin: disposer
  • Japanese: disposer

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