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Definition of depositional

What is the definition of "depositional"?
  • depositionaladjective
  • 1. Of, pertaining to, or in the nature of a deposit or a deposition

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  • "Those depositional layers have been washing into the Gulf of Mexico for eons, trapping life that eventually was transformed into hydrocarbons far below the surface."

    "The specimen is inferred to represent a five-year-old individual and to be at a young adult ontogenetic stage, based on a combination of histological features including narrower outermost zones, dense haversian bone, extensive and multiple endosteal bone depositional events and absence of an external fundamental system. d, Close up of the gastroliths scale bar, 2 cm."

    "If your claim is that the “k-p line” is the boundary between “flood” and post-“flood” depositional environments, then perhaps you could explain why the depositional environment of the sediments underlying the volcanic caprock does not seem to change across the boundary?"

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