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Definition of dacite

What is the definition of "dacite"?
  • dacitenoun
  • 1. A light gray volcanic rock containing a mixture of plagioclase and other crystalline minerals in glassy silica, similar in appearance to rhyolite.

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  • "Basalt magma typically generates very little ash compared to other types (andesite, dacite, and rhyolite)."

    "For example, volcanic eruptions range from (1) effusion of lava fountains and flows with very little ash erupted, typical of basaltic magma eruptions; to (2) extremely explosive eruptions that inject large quantities of ash high into the stratosphere, typical of rhyolite and dacite magmatic eruptions."

    "An intrusive complex of dacite with sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of Palaeozoic age comprise the predominant rock forms."

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