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Definition of dacent

What is the definition of "dacent"?
  • dacentadjective
  • 1. decent

Use "dacent" in a sentence
  • "After this, few or none joined it; for it is esteemed by no means "dacent" to do so after mass, because, in that case, the matter is ascribed to an evasion of the offerings; but those whose delay has not really been occasioned by this motive, make it a point to pay them at the grave-yard, or after the interment, and sometimes even on the following day -- so jealous are the peasantry of having any degrading suspicion attached to their generosity."

    "‘Go on thin, and be quick with it; but don’t talk to dacent people about robbers any more."

    "God bless your honour and good night! and may you find dacent quarters in the"

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