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Definition of dabster

What is the definition of "dabster"?
  • dab•sternoun
  • 1. An expert, one who is master of their profession.
    2. A handy person.
    3. A dabbler or bungler.

Use "dabster" in a sentence
  • "The best kind of a "dabster" is made from a mole's skin."

    "Can a more triumphant imbecile, a more abject dabster, a more stercoraceous bourgeois be found!"

    "That Purdy, of all people, should prove a dabster in the share-market! — exchange to such good purpose bar-parlour for “Corner.”"

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  • Spanish: dabster
  • German: dabster
  • French: dabster
  • Mandarin: dabster
  • Japanese: dabster

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