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Definition of dabbing

What is the definition of "dabbing"?
  • dabbingverb
  • 1. Present participle of dab.

Use "dabbing" in a sentence
  • "These hatch out by degrees, so that renewed soaking and "dabbing" with the acid and a soft cloth are required."

    "It was two o'clock when I woke, and, arter a couple o 'pork-pies and a pint or two, I sat on a seat in the Park smoking, while she kep' dabbing 'er eyes agin and asking me to come' ome."

    "The closest thing to a regular community gathering is the weekly bingo game, where elderly neighbors assemble every Friday night in the school auditorium, silently dabbing rows of cards in hopes of taking home the $500 grand prize."

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  • Spanish: dabbing
  • German: dabbing
  • French: dabbing
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